Our Montessori Toddler Tower with adjustable step


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No more toddler grabbing at your ankles demanding to be lifted up! Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, the Stepup Baby Toddler Tower enables your child to fully participate in family life in a safe and fun way.

With three adjustable heights, it will grow with your child and give them the independence and freedom to help with cooking, washing up, and other kitchen tasks.

Designed so your child can climb up on their own, with a back safety bar protecting them from falling off, this versatile piece of furniture will give your little one years of independence and fun.

Stylish and elegant, it fits perfectly into your home, and will tuck away neatly under a kitchen counter. Available in a choice of four finishes, including one natural so you can paint it to match your own style or décor scheme.
SUPPORTS independent and hands-on learning
ACCOMMODATES your child as they grow, with three adjustable heights
COMPATIBLE with most kitchen counters, to tuck neatly away and prevent any gaps
SECURELY CONSTRUCTED and easy to move around
EASY TO ASSEMBLE in less than 20 minutes
Suitable for children aged 18 months to 5 years 
Dimensions: 85cm x 42cm x 42cm 
Platform width: 38cm x 46cm (15 x 18 inches) 
Lab tested to safely support up to 50kg
Product tested to UK, EU and US safety regulations
Available in four colours: White, Grey, Varnished or Natural Wood 
Natural Wood option can be painted to match your own interior design or personal taste

Step heights:

Lowest: 31.5cm
Middle: 38cm
Highest: 44.5cm


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