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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some frequently asked questions that we hope you find helpful. If you want to ask another questions we'd love to hear from you at customerservice@stepupbaby.com.

  • A Toddler Tower is a specially designed piece of furniture for babies to toddlers to raise them up in a safe and secure way to a height where they can engage with the world around them more easily. Typically this could be against a Kitchen Counter or Sink although we’ve seen many inventive uses of Toddler Towers from our customers.

  • Sometimes also called a 'Learning Tower' the term was originally inspired by the Montessori method which encourages independence. Our Toddler Towers are specifically designed to allow children of all ages to climbing and our themselves. Although we would always advise being used under adult supervision.  

  • Typically we say a Toddler Tower can be used once a child is a ‘confident walker’. For some children this may be as young as 12 months but more generally we advise from 18 months old.

  • The Toddler Tower is a fantastic help in the kitchen and most regularly used in the Kitchen to help with every daytasks such as washing up, baking, preparing meals and generally engaging with family life. Our customers have also shared lovely pictures of their children brushing teeth, creating arts and crafts and helping decorate the Christmas Tree!

  • As far as we know they are the same! Just different people refer to the product in different ways. The official description from the originations from Montessori is a Learning Tower but over the years it’s often referred to as a Toddler Tower or Kitchen Helper as this is one of the main uses for the product.

  • Our Stepup Baby Tower has been lab tested to UK and EU and US safety regulations. Toddler towers should always be used with close adult supervision. It is our belief that they are a safer way to engage with your child at your level rather than pulling up a chair which they can easily fall backwards off.

  • At Stepup Baby we advise only one child in a Tdodler Tower at once. Although it’s physically possible to have two children on the platform at once we don’t believe it would make for a funor safe environment.

  • We firmly believe from Montessori principles that the Toddler Tower is about giving your child independence an freedom to use when they want. While the product has a top safety bar it has been specifically designed to allow your child to climb in and out themselves. Our toddler tower was inspired by my 18 month old son who constantly wanted to be picked up while I was 8 months pregnant. I certainly didn’t want a ‘cage’ or a design that required me to physically lift my child in and out!

  • The Toddler Tower has been tested against UK, EU and US safety standards and the platform has been certified to up to 50kg of weight. In fact we often use it to reach things on high shelves!

  • Yes! We know how frustrating it is to get so little use out of toddler equipment so we designed this specifically to get maximum use for years to come. The platform has 3 platform heights that are easily adjustable to accommodate your growing child.

  • Toddler Towers are usually made of wood. At Stepup Baby we use the finest grade beech plywood as it’s durable and strong.

  • We have four colours available in White, Grey, Varnished and Natural Wood. The Natural Wood product has been specifically designed in order that customers can paint to match their own interior décor.

  • Our Toddler Tower is 7kg so it won’t topple over but light enough that your child can move around the Kitchen to explore their new found freedom!

  • Shipping within the UK typically takes 2-3 days. Shipping within EU is normally 5-7 days and USA and Canada 3-5 days and Rest of World is 7-10 days.

  • We specifically designed our Toddler Tower to be a slim line version to enable your toddler to feel safe and also to minimise floor space! Ultimately this is still your kitchen and we hope our Toddler Tower will be both a useful and elegant piece of furniture for your home. Dimensions are H85cm x W42cm xD42cm

  • The tower is flat packed in pieces. It is very simple to build with an Allen key plus a Philips. There is a demo video on how to build on the Stepup Baby website which you can follow along to. The tower can be built in around 10 to 20 mins.

  • We don't suggest a maximum height as its dependant on how comfortable your child is getting in and out. Typically children are using up to 4 or 5 years old. The platform does adjust to accommodate growth. In terms of weight the Learning Tower has been lab tested to 50kg.