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Here are some frequently asked questions that we hope you find helpful. If you want to ask another questions we'd love to hear from you at customerservice@stepupbaby.com.

What is a Learning Tower?

A Learning Tower is a specially designed piece of furniture for babies to toddlers to raise them up in a safe and secure way to a height where they can engage with the world around them more easily. Typically this could be against a Kitchen Counter or Sink although we’ve seen many inventive uses of Learning Towers from our customers.

What is a Montessori Learning Tower?

When should I start using a Learning Tower?

What can I use a Learning Tower for?

What’s the difference between a Learning Tower and Kitchen Helper?

Are Toddler Towers safe?

Can two toddlers fit in a Learning Tower?

Do you have to lift your child into the Learning Tower?

What is the maximum weight of the Platform?

Can you adjust the height of the Learning Tower?

How heavy is the Learning Tower?

How long does shipping take?

Does it come ready built?

What's the maximum height and weight for this learning tower?