The Kitchen Helper

Takes care of your child while you take care of life.


Peace of Mind

Shared time in a fun and safe environment


Practical and Elegant

A practical piece of furniture that compliments your home.


The Stepup Baby learning tower

Supports child development by allowing children to take part in daily activities in a safe and fun environment. 

Your toddlers will love this. beautifully crafted learning tower.

The Stepup Baby Montessori Learning Tower helps children from 18months to 4 years to create and play in a fun way.

Beautifully crafted. Superior quality. Elegant functional simplicity.

4 modernfinishes. Natural wood finish option can bepainted to match your own décor.

A doddle tobuild and includes a helpful demo video on our website to help you follow along. 

With 3 adjustable platform heights, the step will accommodate your growing child for years to come.

Easy to wipe down and clean, so you don’t have to worry about not being messy!

Mixing ingredients to bake cake in kitchen helper. 18 month old baby helping in the kitchen in learning tower.

Our Design

So much more than just a kitchen stool.

White learning tower. Adjustable kitchen helper

    Made of 100% solid wood and crafted by hand for superior finish.


    With three platform heights, the step will accommodate your growing child for years to come.


    Keeping your child safe while enjoying their new found independence.


    Height that tucks neatly under most kitchen counters, preventing any gaps.

Child washing up in learning tower. Montessori learning and development in toddler step.

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Additional Features

Product Safety Tested

So you can be confident that our tower meets EU regulations. Must be used under adult supervision though.  

Wipe clean

Durable non toxic paint that can be wiped clean so you don't have to worry about not being messy!

Match your Interior

The natural finish tower allows you to paint any colour you want to reflect your own personal taste or kitchen interior.